THE BEAUTY OF A WARRIOR | African Fashion She Would Fight For & Live For & Stand For

Maasai_Dress_Trips_webA new generation of fashion warriors have been initiated and are bombarding the Global Fashion scene with a tactic that has never been seen.

 Driven and inspired by the East African, the warriors come with a ferocious roar about the new Ananse Collection.

  • The leaders: Nana Poku and Kwaku Awuah of 54 Kingdoms.
  • The battle:  to be known as ‘The Fashion Designers of the World” and to fill every ladies’ closet.
  • ‘The  weapons of choice: a Maasai shield and a body con dress to die for- compliments of 54 Kingdoms.
  • The “spoils of war”: our hearts.

The story of the Ghanaian-owned fashion house 54 Kingdoms – to those who understand the African Fashion Industry, isn’t for the faintest of hearts.  54 Kingdoms is an apparel and accessory company that brings the Pan-African creative, history and culture to the doorstep of global fashion – their current Ananse Collection is no exception.

Ladies,  pay close attention to the detail and fine craftsmanship of these dresses.  These Kings have conquered the land -(meaning) our closets…..

The Maasai pieces are set to launch on Friday, August 16, 2013

Congrats to 2010’s Africa Fashion Week [New York] designer duo. You deserve the throne!


Maasai Dress by 54 Kingdoms from 54 Kingdoms on Vimeo.
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