USAID Sponsors Growth in Africa

USAID/East Africa’s ‘Origin Africa’ awareness campaign has made efforts to help those in need in a number of ways.  One of their main aims in Africa is to stimulate their economic development and growth through trade rather than aid.  Through their sponsorship of Africa Fashion Week New York and promotion of African designers they have been able to do just that.  By bringing more African designers to the forefront and showcasing their creativity and innovation, they create more jobs for the people in Africa and bring the current state of their economy to the attention of those around the globe.  Finn Holm-Olsen (Director of the USAID/COMPETE East and Central Africa Hub) said, “Africa Fashion Week in New York is an exceptional platform to accomplish this. We are proud to collaborate with Adirée in such efforts and commend their dedication.”  Adirée, the producer of AFWNY, is a perfect fit to be working with USAID because they share the common goal of promoting Africans, specifically those in the fashion business which inadvertently boost the economies of countries that were once struggling.  Africa Fashion Week New York has been very successful during the past two years in promoting African designers and their economy.  We hope to continue to showcase these amazing African talents and stimulate their economies.

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