Adeola Ariyo for Elizabeth Arden

Headliner! Nigeria’s Adeola Ariyo makes history as Elizabeth Arden‘s first African Beauty Ambassador!  Unlike her predecessor Lerato Moloi, the South African Beauty Ambassador, Adeola will represent the whole of Africa, giving its women someone to identify with.  The brand announced that their selection was based on the characteristics of individuality, diversity, and the expresssion of original beauty; they strongly believed that Adeola Ariyo possessed all of them.  The celebration took place in Krammerville, South Africa.  Under the mentorship of Lerato, Adeola will be featured in several campaigns.






“Being chosen as an Elizabeth Arden Brand Ambassador in Africa is an incredible honour.” says Ariyo. “Elizabeth Arden herself was an entrepreneur, women’s advocate and a champion for holistic beauty, inspiring women all over the world. I am proud to be associated with a brand that embodies such important values”.  –Ariyo‘s words


Adeola Ariyo with Elizabeth Arden‘s South African Beauty Ambassador Leratto Moloi
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