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AfricasTopFiveAs we all know, the continent of Africa is a fashion hub of distinct apparel and design.  Its designers are not limited to what the world expects African design to look like, and they never cease to amaze.  Some of these designers have partaken in some of Africa’s finest fashion displays, and we’re going to throw out a few that you should ALWAYS keep an eye on.








1.      Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week JOBURG

Created by African Fashion International, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week JOBURG is an event that takes place in February/March that exposes the best local talent for the Autumn/Winter season.  It took place this year from March 7th-March 9th, showing well-known designers such as Fabiani, Gavin Rajah, and David Tlale.




2.      Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week AFRICA

Also created by AFI, MBFWA is the virtuoso of fashion weeks in Africa.  Taking place in October/November, MBFWA features over (20) designers who get the chance to enter their designs into the global market; Alexandra Liss, Thula Sindi, and KLUK CGDT just to name a few.




3.      Lagos Fashion & Design Week

Besides the consistency of amazing exhibitions, we listed LFDW because of their tactics.  They strive to have fashion buyers and media fill their front-row seats to encourage commerce and the celebration of African brands.  LFDW is powered by Guaranty Trust Bank and takes place in October; it has included designers such as Wiezdhum Frankly, Re Bahia, and Iconic Invanity.




4.      Zimbabwe Fashion Week

In August, for the fourth time, Priscilla Chigariro-Gessen put on another successful Zimbabwe Fashion WeekZFW continues to shine the spotlight on local designers.  This year’s theme was “Fashion Through the Ages” and featured designers like Zuvva, Estelle Mantle, and JB Couture.




5.      Nigeria Fashion Week

Nigeria Fashion Week reminds us that Lagos is not the only vibrant city in Nigeria.  For the third time, Legendary Gold Limited went green during the week of November 7th.  Their fashion week is essential because it serves as a window to the diverse cultures within Nigeria. 



Photo Credits to: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo, Kola Oshalusi, and HauteFashionAfrica


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