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Just around the corner, Swahili Fashion Week will make its 6th appearance next week (Dec 5-8th)!  Swahili Fashion Week strives to promote fashions from East Africa, pushing a ‘Made in Africa’ concept.  SFW is very crucial to Eastern countries of Africa; it creates opportunities for East African products and businesses.



 As we await Swahili Fashion Week 2013, let’s take a glance at some designers from SFW 2012.




 1.      Eskado Bird


This English-Tanzanian brand created by Doreen Estazia Noni was also spotted in SA Fashion Week and noted by Zen Magazine Africa. If you look below you will see why!  We love the innovation of this brand.  





2.      Martha Jabo


Martha is another new designer we love. In her collection, there were diverse pieces that ranged from 80s chic, to sophisticated woman. Regardless of the variety within the line, all pieces looked together AND finished.  We love the gigot sleeves, the flow of the silhouettes, and the smooth pops of color.


Martha Jabo
Martha Jabo


3.      Saffron by Pooja Jeshang


Pooja Jeshang is another designer who excellently infuses African fabric with modern design.  Incorporating that mesh top was brilliant!  Also, we love the pattern and v-neck line of the jumpsuit.





4.      An Nisa Abayas


Fatmah Yakub’s collection of abayas, is one of the best executions of making an abaya fashionable.  It consists of black garments made of silk.  The drape, which is impeccable, was sometimes complimented by prints, lace, or chiffon.      



An Anisa
An Nisa Abayas


5.      Zamda George


Designer Zamda George played it down this year.  Even though most were anticipating a new vivid collection, I am sure they were still very satisfied!  We love how some pieces were made with silk on the lower half; along with the dress splits and necklines.



Zamda George
Zamda George


Stay tuned for Swahili Fashion Week 2013 | December 5th- December 8th



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