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Admas Mahdere‘s journey in fashion began way before her years as a woman.  From a young age, this artistic visionary began dressing several family members and herself in handmade creations.  Inspired by her mother’s traditional dresses, Admas began to produce beautiful designs left and right.  Even today, while incorporating modern styles, Admas still makes traditional pieces that represent the Eritrean and Eithiopian cultures of Africa.  ALL of her designs  are captivating, sexy, intriguing, beautiful, and interesting! Scroll along to hear a little from her, and of course, to see some of her designs!


Admas Mahdere
Admas Mahdere

AFWNY: Describe your brand, who the target market is, and what you look to do with your brand internationally.  

Admas:  The brand represents parts of Eritrean and Ethiopian culture with a modern twist.   The target market is fashion forward women that are open to exploring different fabrics and designs.   I hope to make Admas a cutting edge fashion house that exposes to the world the beauty and intrigue of Eritrea and Ethiopia.


AFWNY: What is your background as an African designer? 

Admas: When I was growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, my mother would bring back traditional materials from Eritrea and Ethiopia for me to create my own designs.  I mainly designed garments for family weddings.  Over the years, I started to create custom designs for family and friends.  I still continue to learn and evolve as a fashion designer.


Admas Mahdere
Admas Mahdere


AFWNY: What is your brand’s production process? (i.e. Do you manufacture or do you use cooperatives?)

Admas: Some designers would likely start out with a design and then source fabric, but for me it’s the other way around.  It all starts with the fabric making process. Fabric is very important when it comes to Eritrean and Ethiopian design.  It is handmade by weavers (known as “Shemane”).  I travel to Ethiopia to source material and instruct the weavers on what colors to use and give them some ideas for patterns.  As the art of weaving has been passed down for generations, much of the pattern designs are from their own inspiration.  I then use the fabric to think of inspirations for designs and a seamstress or tailor makes each piece.

We love Admas Mahdere designs!!


You can purchase Admas Mahdere here: http://admasm.com/

Follow Admas on Twitter @: AdmasM

Admas Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/admasm1


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