Africa's Top Five: Children's Wear Line, Sika Designs,Tili Bwino, House of Loulee

Little Miss Sika 3

Sika Designs 

Inspired by the rich and diverse culture of Ghana, West Africa, Sika Designs are a mix of West African textiles with the trend and styles of London’s urban chic. Sika produces quality garments that are creative and stylish with collections for women, children and home decor. With the use of traditional fabrics such as tie dye, batik’s and wax prints there children’s collection is called Little Miss Sika.

tilibwino 15

Tili Bwino

Tili Bwino is translated  as ‘All is well, I am good, I am fine’ in Nyanja, a dialect spoken in parts of Zambia, Southern Africa. The Tili Bwino children’s collection embodies this playful idea, featuring wearable, functional and fun designs in vibrant 100% cotton jersey in African inspired prints. The collection is perfect for long summer days, washes and dries without fuss, and looks fabulous!


Isossy Children

A contemporary label that celebrates colour, vivacity and  incorporates African, Asian, and Western cultures with a variety of limited edition clothing pieces for children. Isossy Children produces fresh and unique clothing that promotes global influences and diversity to empower their understanding of cultural expression with their day-to-day wear of African prints.

native belle cc 1

Native Belle Boutique 

A handmade children’s wear line that emphasizes simplicity, durability, and comfort with infused inspiration from Western African culture. Native Belle Boutique was established in the summer of 2010; there designs are a fusion of colours and aesthetics of nature ideal for any occasion for children between the ages of 2-12.

house of loulee 23

House of Loulee 

A vibrant and colorful children’s collection made up of 100% cotton African Wax prints that’s originally handmade with a fantastic sense of style. You can find their colorful African print children’s collection at their online store with frequent updates and increasing new styles.


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