African Fashion Showcased at VIACOM's | BET, MTV, VH1 Cultural Fair and Summit

mtv africa fashion adireeA cultural fair and summit was produced by Viacom Network (i.e. BET |VH1| MTV) on February 21st, 2013 based on their mission to create a platform to connect VIACOM’s staff to a wealth of cultural information and help enhance the development and productivity of its executives and members.


Adiree used the platform to educate VIACOM on aspects related to its Africa Fashion Week and showcased emerging designers from Africa in a more intimate and direct manner. A sales opportunities were provided by the company which gave African fashion designers an opportunity to show and sell their products to 1200 of VIACOM’s employees and senior level executives. Africa Fashion Week designers, like Farai Simoyi  and MABM designs were apart of this great event and conducted Africa Fashion Week runway giveaways! Let’s divulge one luck winner shall we?

Announcing  the winner of  Zimbabwean/British designer Farai Simoyi’s giveaway… and the winner is Candace Shaw!!

Click here to see what Ms. Shaw won!

Africa Fashion Week, Farai Simoyi Runway Designer, Adiree Showroom, Pop Up event Viacom

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