DIY AFRICA: How To Have A Successful Pop Up Shop

3DIYAfricaIf you have ever been to a pop up shop, you know that  this trend has added a fresh feel to retail, exclusivity, and a suprise for target consumers. Last week, we had the honor to showcase some of our past emerging designers garments at a special showroom event. The great thing about pop up events is that if you don’t sell anything, it’s still a great way to communicate and get to know your target audience, create an image for yourself, and learn how to develop and establish your brand.

Here are a few tips that we think are very valuable for emerging designers who may have their first pop up event:

  • Always do great marketing online: Make sure you let your fans know weeks in advance and continuously remind them that the event is fast approaching. 
  • Organize a free giveaway so that you can get people’s contact information
  • Use the latest technology (i.e take credit and debit payment only- for tax purposes)
  • Have models of both high fashion, and everyday people showcase your garments at the event
  • Have sample sized garments in a variety of sizes (you never know who may want to purchase a garment-women and men of all sizes love to look fabulous!)

Here Are Two Tips from one of our African Fashion Designers who showcased her designs at our showroom event:

#1 Find a PR agency that focuses on emerging brands. These agencies are usually the first to catch wind of events that are great platforms for emerging designers to showcase their work.

#2 Do you know who your customer is? If you do you’re on the right path. If not, do your research. Who is he or she, what do they like, do they shop for quality, style, or both. Having answers to these questions can set you miles apart from other emerging brands. Once you know who your customer is you are able to give them what they need & they are able to give you what you really need: Sales!
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