Africa’s #TopFive: Websites

Here are our Top 5 African Fashion Websites:


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Photo credit: is a website that aims to be the go-to platform for all of Africa’s fashion and textiles business. Created by professional fashion designer, Jacqueline Shaw, the African fashion guide provides information to all of those involved in the fashion industry: fashion professionals, retailers , magazines, designers, bloggers, etc. The website’s  main goal  is to create awareness regarding both, the supply chain of African textiles and the African fashion industry as a whole.  The website features a wide array of fashion events, fashion designers, African textiles information,  crafts and other things fashion related.


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Photo credit : is an online fashion website that focuses on African fashion , beauty and style with the intentions of exposing the work of African fashion designers that often times get overlooked by mainstream fashion. has a very wide range of all things fashion related from interviews, fashion reviews, celebrity styles, designer spotlights, to lookbooks. What we love about Ciaafrique is that it gives its readers the opportunity to participate by submitting designers that they feel deserve to be featured on the site.


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HauteFashionAfrica is a website ran by a small team of only four members, but DO NOT be fooled!  HauteFashionAfrica is a website exploding with the works of African fashion designers all over the world. HauteFashionAfrica prides itself on scouting and staying up to date with all the hottest and latest African fashion designers and also having the largest updated directory of African fashion designers whom are important factors within the fashion industry to date.  Amongst HauteFashionAfrica’s many features are the Who’s Haute part in which they introduce new talents to the fashion industry and also HauteTV which features various African fashion personalities and publications. The overall mission for HauteFashionAfrica is to the platform profile for African designers to be exposed to the ever growing world of fashion.


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Photo Credit : is a personal style blog owned by a young, fun, stylish Nigerian-American named Stella. Jadore-fashion is perfect for the young fashionistas and stylistas out there looking to gain some fashion inspiration, keep up with the latest fashion trends, and stay tuned in with current fashion news. May we also add that Stella is a mommy-to-be and still manages to look IMPECCABLE! has been featured on a wide array of publications and websites including: MTVStyle as a Top Style Blogger, Bebe, FashionBombDaily, and The New York Times.


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Africa Style Daily (ASD)  is an online blog that started out solo and has since then expanded into network of 14 ( yes FOURTEEN!) different topic related sites all of which comprise Africa Daily Groupe (ADG) . Though all the websites differ in topics, with our main focus being fashion aspect, all of the sites operate under one vision and one vision only, which is to focus and report on the topics of the African communities that often times get overlooked, such as fashion, beauty, and food. ASD covers a wide array of topics from fashion designers, fashion blogs to follow, and fashion events. Founded by Zandile Blay in 2009 , Afric astyle daily hopes to illustrate their  love for their readers and reporting and most important of all, their love for the entire continent of Africa.

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