Maze Couture | Africa Fashion Week 2013 Designer

mazeMaze Couture is a London based fashion designer who has the expertise and understanding of designing clothes which reflect classic style, transforming the wearer to look effortlessly stylish and timeless.

The Maze Couture brand has become synonymous with the finest bespoke kaftans, signature styled shirts, polo shirts, chinos and military inspired luxury blazers.

Their bespoke design service, which is most popular amongst their clients, guarantees the creation of a stunning “one of a kind” outfit made exclusively for the customer, of the finest quality, with coordinated embroidery. Maze Couture signature style collection is a unique experience.

Maze started his step up the fashion ladder, like many, by creating many designs for friends and family, working at the back room of high end luxury fashion brands, which is where he acquired his true taste and hunger for making it big in the fashion industry. Since the behind the scenes experience, Maze has been thrown into the spotlight and worked with a number of highly respected fashion houses and companies in the UK where he learnt areas in the business such as buying, merchandising, pattern design, bespoke tailoring and of course design.


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