Africa's Top Five: Young Entrepreneurs


Adiat Disus Photo for SAYes, we love African fashion and reviewing everything thereof. However we think fashion and style isn’t limited to talks of clothing.  Our very own Director, Adiat Folashade Disu, launched Adiree at the age of 21, with thoughts of providing brands from Africa a competitive edge, globally.

Adirée TM  is a fully integrated communications and branding company based in New York with sub-divisions that specifically focuses on clients needs within the discipline of  fashion, home decor and beauty .

Adirée TM  currently is focused on re-branding Africa as a destination for luxury brands, and has taken exclusive brands from Africa and placed them on nationally esteemed and recognizable stages via placements in distinguished media outlets like CNN, Elle, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and more.

Our motto “Luxury Brands Focused Globally” speaks to our method of molding luxury brands and the way they are perceived. We are able to accomplish this via unique and effective communication strategies. We’ve been able to ignite a trend, via our idea of establishing and hosting African Fashion Weeks throughout fashion capitals thus Africa Fashion Week New York London | Paris | Milan | Berlin | Tokyo.

Via quality productions, campaigns, and media placements Adirée TM creates a gateway to African fashion and revamps the way consumers view fashion from Africa. This also increases global demand for African Fashion.

Moving forward, let’s get down to business and review how other young African business gurus -who dress well (if we may add) and are incredibly brilliant, handle business.

1. Lorna Rutto, 28, is the Kenyan CEO of Ecopost a Nairobi-based recycling company. Lorna created Ecopost in 2009 – a business that utilizes waste plastic to manufacture plastic lumber and posts as an alternative to wood. The plastic lumbers are also used to create fencing posts, sign posts, building and construction. Lorna has sold over 20,000 posts which cumulated to saving over 250 Acres of forest and withdrawn over 1,000,000 kg of plastic waste from the environment. Way to Go Ms. Rutto! @LRutto




2. Yetunde Odugbesan, 25, is a young Nigerian blazing trails in Africa and the diaspora. She is the CEO of Yetunde Global Consulting LLC, which offers valuable insight on how to develop and leverage strategic partnerships globally as well as provide branding techniques that can help business and organization grow to reach its full potential.  She also formed the Young Women’s Guide, a mentorship organization that helps connect girls with women leaders and groups that can best help them pursue their quest for social change. Keep up the Good work Ms. Odugbesan. @YetundeO



3. Ghanaian-born serial entrepreneur and business consultant, Fred Swaniker, 35, is the co-founder of African leadership Academy(ALA) – a prestigious business in Johannesburg, South Africa that trains and mentors Africa young leaders. Fred is helping Africa to shape the path of Africa future business leader in act of leadership and Pan-Africanism. He is also contributing to Africa’s leadership development through his academy by giving the youngsters a world-class academic education, training in entrepreneurship, exposure to mentors and role models, and framework that will enable them to work in an ethical environment. @ALAcademy



4. South African born, Rapelang Rabana, is the CEO and founder of Yeigo Communications, an innovative Cape Town-based company which develops software for telecoms-related services including Voice over IP, Instant messaging, SMS messaging and push email services. Rapelang Rabana has been listed on Oprah’s 2012 ‘O’ Power List, mentioned by CNN and is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, all by the age of 27. Great Work! @rapelangrabana





5. At the age of 29, British-born Ugandan, Ashish Thakkar co-founded Mara Group– a Ugandan conglomerate with tentacles in financial services, hotels, renewable energy, technology and manufacturing with active presence in 17 African countries. Under his leadership, the annual revenue of Mara Group has been able to clock approximately $100 million. Aside Mara, Thakkar founded his first company, Raps and later Riley, a manufacturing company that is lauded for producing the most modern corrugated packaging plants in East Africa and Central Africa. @AshishJThakkar

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