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1: Why is your brand, product, or service important to consumers’ lives?

Under the leadership of Ghanaian born natives, Mr. Nana Poku (C.E.O.) and Mr. Kwaku Awuah (President), 54 Kingdoms is an apparel and accessory company that brings the Pan-African creative, history and culture to the doorstep of global fashion.

The name itself, 54 Kingdoms, has a significant meaning; the number ‘54’ symbolizes the total number of countries in Africa, when the company was established (2009) and the word ‘Kingdoms,’ signifies that each and every African country is a part of a larger kingdom spanning overseas to include the African Diaspora.

2: How do you integrate culture, innovation, or sustainability within your company?

Our mission is to bring the ideology of ethnicity, culture and fashion integration to a higher level by creating pieces tailored to the relevancy and appeal of our consumers. By paying close attention to detail and fine craftsmanship, 54 Kingdoms serves the common, cool and sophisticated.

At 54 Kingdoms, we believe fashion isn’t something that only exists in the design studio, on the runway or in high-end boutiques. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, in the environment we live in. Fashion has to do with the way we live, history; what happened then, what’s happening now, and what we invent for the future. Fashion shouldn’t be just about aesthetics, but also the thread that interweaves our culture and identity into the fabric of life that displays the pattern of our pride and self-expression.

3: Why are you so unique?

Noted ‘Fashion Geeks’ by Applause Africa Magazine last year due to our heavy involvement and utilization of technology in our everyday operations, 54 Kingdoms is also a company that designs to Educate, Empower and Motivate. Through constant research on history and current fashion trends, 54 Kingdoms designs innovative and fashionable collections.

Our recently launched Kingdom Come collection, draws inspiration from the Pan-African community and highlights historic and vibrant culture of the African Diaspora through native fabrics and prints. An example is our University of Africa (UoA) product from the collection, which pays tribute to Timbuktu, Mali. UoA is inspired by Timbuktu’s advancement in becoming a known hub for religious teachings, arts and sciences during the15th and16th century. View their UoA short story here.

54 Kingdoms is not simply a clothing company; it’s a fashion think tank known for telling stories through its individual pieces of clothing. At 54 Kingdoms, we just don’t dress to IMPRESS, but to EXPRESS culture, pride and identity, hence our motto “It’s a Kulture, not a Brand!”

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