Award Winning Ghanaian Fashion House : Studio D' Maxsi by African Fashion Designer Afua Sam

Congrats to New York’s Africa Fashion Week designer Afua Sam of Studio D’Maxsi Fashion Design House, for receiving the ‘Fashion Designer of the Year’ award at the recently concluded 2nd Annual African Awards USA which took place at the Georgia Public Broadcasting Studio, Atlanta, Georgia on August 31, 2013.

Under the auspice of Ghanaian born Afua Sam, Studio D’Maxsi is one of the fastest growing Ghanaian Fashion Houses, creating masterpieces for the chic, bold and funky modern woman.

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During her 2012 showcase in New York,  her pieces pulled on the heart strings of couture and mirrored the aesthetic of modern Hollywood glamour (with a coat of drama of course).

Each piece explored color, cuts, style, and eventually exploded into innovation; with dresses created out of lace-braziers (we’re thinking b-cups).

With such inspiration, the spirit of Alexander McQueen would dance, and perhaps flip. Watch the video.


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