AfricasTopFive | Five African Fashion Designers that Dominate the [Menswear] Fashion Scene | London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week Trend Alert

photoChristian_Couch_University_Of_Africa_Men_Top_Fashion_54_KingdomsWith every Fashion Week (New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week ), comes the excitement of who, what, ‘wear’ or rather who is wearing what, or what the heck are they wearing…and why?

In honor of this massive movement, we will have our eyes on what male celebrities (especially Kanye West), artists, and fashion icons will be wearing during each prestigious Fashion Week. However we will also  be assisting them (in our minds), a_MG_0500-168s their self-proclaimed virtual stylists;  educating them on African designers’ they should wear, when needing a little diversity in their wardrobe selection.

On a more serious or more business-oriented note, we’ve paid close attention to the media and mainly our friends over at Business of Fashion (BOF), and their analysis of men’s fashion.

Let’s be honest, we couldn’t help but follow ‘suit’ (pun-intended) by adding our analysis  and lending our expertise of men’s Fashion, from the perspective of emerging Africa and Luxury brands/trends.

With the emerging popularity of men’s fashion and the growing number of men  who actually care to shop, we’ve identified a few key players ;  men’s fashion designers , in and around the African Fashion Industry that should be recognized during the conundrum of fashion week occurring world-wide.

• 54 Kingdoms:  Ghanaian designers combining culture with tailoring, educating clients with every thread of their brand and providing men with the royal title of Kings.  Visit  to view their men’s items in stock.

• Alex Kangala:  Angola‘s premier menswear designer combines classic character beautifully with harmony, nobility refinement and spirituality.

• Black Bird Designs : Young, dynamic and daring, this African fashion house works with a variety of fabric to produce true masterpieces.

Eaden Myles Africa Fashion Week Designers
Eaden Myles Africa Fashion Week Designers

• Eaden Myles: Based in London, this African Fashion designer is known for his signature tailored European look.

• Maze Couture: Also based in London, the name has become synonymous with the finest bespoke Kaftans, shirts, trousers, and blazers.

Even if the aforementioned list is far-fetched, we have provided you with a virtual, male dominant closet, containing fashion from African Fashion designers or fashions inspired by Africa.  Have fun shopping

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