Fashion Sighting with "African Visions" | Vogue Accessory

There’s a collage of accessories out there in the world of fashion, and the selection process is fierce — but someone has to do it.
When Photographer Lucia Giacani  and stylist Enrica Ponzellini teamed up, they captured our sight with their Vogue Accessory editorial “African Visions.” They selected accessories from designers such as Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and Persol 9649 .  The editorial is vivid!   Decorated with African inspired accessories and colorful backgrounds.
The vision for Africa differs from person to person, and creative respect goes out to those who dare to capture its essence. However, which African designer would you have added to this editorial?
Africa Fashion Week (1)
Africa Fashion Week (2)
Africa Fashion Week (4)
Africa Fashion Week (5)
Africa Fashion Week (6)
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