Fashion Week Review: Edun

Edun was first launched in 2005 by U2 front-man Bono and his wife Ali Hewson to raise awareness of the possibilities that lie in the continent of Africa and encourage other companies to do business there.  This year, they showed their spring 2012 collection at New York Fashion week to a crowd that included celebrities to the likes of Christie Turlington, Courtney Love, and Naomi Campbell in attendance.  The new collection is a marriage of “iconic florals and African prints, bringing two contrasting worlds together in signature Edun style,” said the show notes.  Edun worked with a group of Kenyan artisan nuns known as the crochet sisters on a few notable pieces including a fitted leather trimmed dress and skirt.  This season 37% of clothing was produced directly in Africa which was an increase from last year’s 15% and the company is looking for that number to continue to go up.  This collection and the company as a whole truly makes an impact and attracts important figures in the fashion world.

Source: TreeHugger

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