KickStarter Project: MamAfrica Clutches by MODAHNIK


Fashion designer Kahindo Mateene of MODAHNIK and non-profit organization MamAfrica (in Bukavu) collaborate on a line of clutches to raise funds for women of the Congo. 

Investing in these beautiful clutches will generate  funds that will ultimately create stable jobs for “Mamas” in Congo and enable them to acquire resources that they can use to support their families.  Kahindo says that providing sustainable employment for these women not only diminishes poverty, but also empowers them.  To be funded, the MamAfrica Clutches by MODAHNIK project still needs more backers to contribute about $13,000 to be funded.  The window to pledge closes on Sunday, February 16, 20014 at 10 PM EST!

P.S. If you pledge $10 and up, you get goodies!  



“Join me to create ‘products with a purpose’ with the Mamas of MamAfrica!” Kahindo’s words.

 africanfashion m1

africanfashion m2

africanfashion m3

africanfashion m4

africanfashion m5

africanfashion m6


There’s nothing like beautiful products for a lovely cause!

 You can pledge here:


Follow Mamafrica on Instagram @: mamafricadesigns

Follow MODAHNIK on Twitter @: Modahnik

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