Women are beginning to purse their lips and arch their eyebrows towards the traditionally male dominated knitwear called the button-up . Not because men look ravishing and delectable in it (we digress). But because women are now beginning to examine and explore the unique ways to wear the button up, but with a slight touch of fem.

As the animal-print trend crouches on the thoughts of many “stylistas” and plain traditional plaid button-ups are stuck in the minds of  “stale-istas.”
African designers are beginning to move in with button-ups inspired by stripes, polka dots, zig-zags and of course: extravagant prints (Ankara, Adire , Masai)!  Giving women a plethora of button-up options to choose from and enjoy.


Imagine a “fashion-galaxtic” universe where ladies will button their Masai printed -button up shirt  three-quarter of the way, offering a more relaxed look and men will button their tops up to the “tippy-top” and throw on a bow tie for a more avant-garde sophisticated look. Wait…I think this universe, I speak of exists now.
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Cut off (verb): the act of stopping the movement or supply of something.

Cut off (adverb): the time when something must be done or completed.

Cutoffs (noun): short pants that are made from long pants by cutting off the legs at the knees or higher.