Nakate and Afrizion invite you to our Spring Party and Trunk Show



April 30th, 7 PMNakate_AfrizionInfo
Shervin’s Cafe
131 E 7th St  New York, NY 10009
  • Be the first to shop Nakate’s latest collection in Manhattan
  • Choose from never-seen-before exclusive pieces
  • Get to know Nakate founder Shanley Knox, Afrizion founder and NYC based fashion photographer Ada Emihe, The Fashion Potential’s Melissa McGraw and others in New York’s independent and sustainable fashion industries
  • Enjoy Shervin’s list of wine and craft beers as you network with professionals that are passionate about entrepreneurship and ethical and independent fashion
About Nakate: Nakate exists to provide unique designs from Ugandan artisans to fashion conscious women. Nakate uses the creation of their pieces as an opportunity to establish relationships connecting Ugandan professionals and artisans with marginalized women in rural villages – using African talent to nourish African growth and development. View their current collection online at
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