Spotlight on Candice Boucher



World, meet Candice Boucher. Hailing from Durban, South Africa, Candice never planned for a modeling career. Upon the insistence of her friends, Candice participated in her school’s annual pageant and, to her surprise, won. The prize included a portfolio with a photographer. The photographer then submitted Candice’s pictures to a Durban-based modeling agency and thus, Candice caught the public’s eye.

She relocated to Cape Town where she worked with big names like GQ, Cosmopolitan, South Africa Sports Illustrated, Elle, Triumph, Fila and Speedo. Today, this Durban beauty is one of the most recognized faces in South Africa’s fashion industry. Along with her stunning beauty, her modesty shines through. When asked to comment on whether beauty was seen as an accomplishment, she responded:

“It’s not an accomplishment. It’s God given and should never be taken seriously. If you’re blessed with good looks then good for you. The benefits of it, the travel and experience… it’s an honour, but not an accomplishment at all.” 

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