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Euphemia Sydney-Davies is the woman behind the high fashion womens wear and menswear label based in London. Euphemia studied Fashion for industry and graduated from the renowned Herriot Watt University Scotland in 2012 ,in which she launched her brand Sydney-Davies.  Euphemia devotes all of her acquired  designer skills such as draping, pattern cutting, tailoring, creativity, precision and discipline to her full time internship that she possessed  with Alexander McQueen London.


 1. Question:  Why is your brand, product,or service  important to consumers lives?

Sydney-Davies is High-Fashion Womenswear and Menswear Label, producing an edgy mixture of ready-to-wear and couture pieces and cooperating  prints and sharp tailoring with its signature clever paneling  and text-print.

2. Question:   How do you integrate culture, innovation, or sustainability within your company?

The designer’s/labels clever use of prints and paneling, interesting shapes and new ideas. Looking forward to launching a very unique and interesting Trend this year at AFWNY.

3. Question:  Why are you so unique?
My style is bold, edgy fresh and innovative. A high fashion soup of tailoring, interesting paneling, bold prints and a hint of street wear.


With one year within the fashion industry, SYDNEY-DAVIES is for the man or woman who wants to express their individuality sense of style, resilience and refusal to conform. It isn’t outlandish or eccentric. SD is wearable, comfortable ready to wear with an edge which sets it and wearer apart. Her unconventional approach, bold imagination, and ambitious ideas with the determination, talent and skill to pull them off, and last but not least, her insatiable love and hunger for fashion is what she believes will propel SYDNEY-DAVIES  into a successful global Fashion House turning her dreams into reality.

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