Africa's Top 5 | Black Fashion Week Montreal

AfricasTopFivePrague, Paris, and now Montreal!  Earlier this year, the extravagant N’Diaye of Adama Paris successfully directed another Black Fashion Week.  Only this time, it was in Montreal!  This wholesome production withheld an IMMENSE amount of interesting fashion.  Let’s dig into some designers from the show.



1.      Adama Paris

Adama Paris definitely opened the show with her new collection.  Her choice of color definitely lit up the place and illuminated the models who wore her delicate pieces.


Adama Paris
Adama Paris


2.      Helmer

Two words, aesthetically brilliant!  There’s nothing easier for the mind to grasp unto than a GREAT visual. We love everything about Helmer and hope to see them again!




3.      Défilé Éricka Jean & Khrystel Delaleu

This brand was definitely appealing and I’m sure it generated a mass amount of curiousity.  It’s slightly frustrating because there is not much press on the designers/brand, but we love the design innovation.

Défilé Éricka Jean & Khrystel Delaleu
Défilé Éricka Jean & Khrystel Delaleu

4.      Vfranz

We’re big on silhouettes, and Vfranz executes that very well; it is sexy, but still maintains that subtle, elegant, natural feel.                



5.      Samuel Dong

Last but surely not least, we favor designer Samuel Dong because he gives you ultimate design with variety; love it all!



Adama, we love what you’re doing, can’t wait to see more.


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