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For over a decade, Patrick Poku Asante has been producing dynamic, trend-setting garments of quality. 

His brand, House of Eccentric Clothing lives in the minds of fashionistas not only in Ghana, but across the African continent.


House of Eccentric
House of Eccentric


    Patrick Asante is regarded as one of the very best and innovative African fashion designers.  He is extremely talented and has developed effective skills overtime.  As a teenager, Patrick  modeled until he decided to embark on his passion driven journey as a designer of clothes.  While studying at Takoradi Polytechnic, Patrick got his first job working for the Miss Ghana pageantry; he served as a secretary. He also gained experience at Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL).  Patrick later won the Takoradi Best Designer Award organized by Homestyle (a local event management group).


House of Eccentric
House of Eccentric


   Since then, Patrick has been on top of his game and went on to win Best Fashion Designer 2012 at the Ghana Fashion Awards.  Because he excelled in the FIMA 2008 fashion show and applied himself throughout extensive education, Patrick acquired an international job opportunity with French designer Dean Doucet in Nice, France.  He trained with him for some months and later returned to Ghana.


House of Eccentric


    In 2003, Patrick Poku Asante established one of Africa’s finest fashion homes, the House of Eccentric Clothing .The House of Eccentric Clothing brand has clothed contestants of elite beauty pageantries, television show hosts, and many other prominent personalities across Africa.  House of Eccentric Clothing has been displayed in VLISCO fashion festivals and events (in Ghana), Dakar Fashion Festival (Dakar, Senegal), The Oil City Fashion festival (Takoradi, Ghana), AFRIC COLLECTION (Cameroon), Lagos Fashion & DesignWeek (Lagos, Nigeria), Fima Fashion Show (Alphadi, Niger), Corporate Time Out (Ghana), Extraordinaire Runway de Links, and several other significant fashion events across Africa.


House of Eccentric
House of Eccentric


 His most recent collection is sophisticated, very eccentric, and cream dominated with golden compliments. The collection consists of ready-to-wear, corporate wear, dresses, and gowns.


House of Eccentric Collection’s new collection tells the untold golden African fashion story while casting some trends for 2014. 


by Jessica Konney

Fashion Ambassador (Ghana)



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