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QandAfricaCreated by Eric Eaden Myles Ampong, Eaden Myles Clothing Company was launched in the year 2012.  This renowned brand is valued for producing European cut suits for men and exquisite footwear.  Also within Eaden Myles collections lie blazers and tuxedos infused with African textiles.  Eaden Myles Clothing Company has been featured in Canada, Ghana, and in AFWNY.


We got a chance to get some intel on how Eaden Myles remains a headliner.


AFWNY.com: What is your brand’s production process?


Eaden Myles: Eaden Myles produces both ready-made suits and customized suits/shirts/blazers/trousers. Clients who are interested in customized menswear can expect a delightful 4 week journey between the first consultation and the final delivery of their customized item. The process of producing a collection begins with the selection of colors and prints to be used. I then design based on the fabric and prints I have selected.  Samples are then produced and I make the neccessary alterations until I am well satisfied with the finished product.


Eaden Myles
Eaden Myles


AFWNY.com: What makes your brand luxurious?


Eaden Myles: I pride myself in the use of high-quality fabrics and accessories in every piece I produce. Luxury is always on the forefront of my mind when branding, and designing my pieces.

AFWNY.com: Where are you from? How has this influenced your designs?


Eaden Myles: I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada to parents from Ghana, West Africa. When thinking of how to infuse color into my designs, fabrics from Ghana are definitely an inspiration.

Eaden Myles
Eaden Myles



You can purchase Eaden Myles Fashions here: http://www.eadenmyles.com/

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Eaden Myles Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eadenmyles




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