Fashion Week Review: Pamela Love

Pamela Love, the eclectic jewelry designer who has always drawn inspiration from her favorite artists has recently been inspired by North African Berbers and Moroccan tile work.  Her Spring 2012 collection was displayed last night during New York Fashion Week to a packed crowd that included Anna Wintour in the audience.  The color palette was much brighter this season as compared to many of her collections from seasons past.  This might have a lot to do with the fact that her inspiration was drawn from arguably the most colorful continent in the world.  We saw red lapis, turquoise, malachite and amethyst stones in a variety of geometric shapes beautifully displayed on rings and bracelets.  She used wooden beads to counter the dazzling gemstones on African inspired breast places that the models donned down the runway.  Something new for Love that she has never done before were leather belts and clothing specifically crafted for the show.

Source: Fashonologie


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