Four Qualities Ladies Look for in [Men]swear by African Fashion Designers

Eaden Myles at Africa Fashion Week in New York
BlackBird Designs at New York's Africa Fashion Week We have a long lasting relationship with Europe – containing one of the leading fashion weeks in the world – London Fashion Week. which is known for its emerging talent, clean aesthetic, and impeccable tailoring.

In no particular order, we have  provided a shortlist of designers who yield to the needs or desires of men who want everything to fit like a T-shirt, meaning “anti-baggy rapper look, circa-1990s”

To this extent, some may believe that men’s fashion is mundane; hardly leaving room for its expansion beyond impeccably cut suits or fitted T-shirts (graphics or plain).However, these African fashion designers create male fashions: clean cut yet edgy, immersed in the conventional  yet simultaneously disregarding it.

To put a spin on why each designer was selected, we took the overall characteristics of each design aesthetic and found some resemblance to what we would require in a male mate (in a romantic sense). After all, we love what we wear….(we believe that’s how the saying should go).


  1. Truthful: True to fit, Eaden Myles collections are fitted and form flattering to males of varying physic.
  2. Powerful:  Bringing enlightenment through fashion and style through storytelling are the designers of 54 Kingdoms.  Their fashion house is designed specifically with the mission of producing quality pieces for males (yes and the ladies as well),
  3. Colorful: Okay, okay. Perhaps this might only apply to a member of the Peacock species but we do adore a man who can wear color, prints and patterns. And do it with pride and a slight hint of cockiness. The designers to go to in this instance…? Black Bird Designs
  4. Tailored: We understand men go through their developmental stages. We respect that, however in true male fashion every real man must go through this process of refinement.  Much like the fashions from the fashion house Maze Couture .  Maze Couture takes a refined perspective towards the Kaftan, a traditional garb, and modernizes it for the everyday fashionisto.
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