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World, meet Honey , the head designer behind the bespoke fashion brand, Honey Malaolu. After completing her degree in Fashion and textiles, Honey was motivated to create a brand for women that would enhance their womanly figure by combining innovative prints and exquisite patterns.

If you take a look at the collections from Honey Malaolu , you have no choice but to fall in love. Beautiful rich colors, ethnic cultures, and the essence of the butterfly are made prevalent through each and every design . The butterfly in combination with Honey’s desire to represent freedom ultimately are the foundations of the beautiful, expressive garments that she creates to date.

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1. Question: Why is your brand, product, or service important to consumers lives?

All Honey Malaolu collection pieces are hand-made in London using the finest materials from around the world and are tailored to reflect each client’s shape and personality, creating unique, exclusive and sought-after clothing.

2. Question: How do you integrate culture, innovation, or sustainability within your company?
A lot of the collections are made in house so that I can monitor the process and not out sourced to unethical fashion. I mostly use fabrics that are from natural fibers, like cotton and silks, that are easily degradable rather than man made fabrics.

3. Question: Why are you so unique?

I always had a dream to represent freedom, beauty, and color through my designs. Over the years, my inspiration has come in many forms, from many different and often unexpected places. The essence of what I have always sought to represent is the butterfly and the great transformation from darkness to light. I use great meanings and incorporate them into great designs that are timeless!

As inspiration to young designers, Honey stresses, “Only you can be the best at you, stand out and be proud of your gift!”

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