Stylish Spice | Spending Our Holiday Budget on Cinnamon & Pearl


 ‘Tis the season of leather boots, sweaters, and other winter attire; despite what inconveniences the weather may cause, planned events must go on!



Occasions like your annual office party or that major networking party downtown are things that you DEFINITELY want to prepare an outfit for; but don’t worry, instead of scanning the web for the perfect fit, luxury brand Cinnamon & Pearl has got you covered.


Fashion-forward label Cinnamon & Pearl has set the pace for other brands and continued to pique interest after their showcase in Africa Fashion Week New York 2013 (press link:


This time around, gifted designer Ugonna Ibe created a special holiday campaign that will fill your season with style!

Scroll down for a sneak peak. 

Cinnamon & Pearl


Cinnamon & Pearl
Cinnamon & Pearl



Get your highlight holiday fashions from Cinnamon & Pearl:

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