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Catering to women’s body types, creative designer Anthonia Raymond has mastered the production of garments that are infused with both European and African design within her brand Ms. Ray Couture, which is name after her late inspirational father (Raymond).  After receiving her law degree and winning Miss Africa Netherlands 2012, Anthonia took on designing full-time; we’re glad she did!      













AFWNY.com: What is your brands production process (i.e. do you manufacture or do you use cooperatives)?

Anthonia Raymond: Due to the fact that I have a hectic life of being a full time student, I decided to use cooperatives to help me out, especially when the demand of clothing is high. I make sure I come up with a concept for a collection, sketch the designs, purchase the fabrics I want to use,  do as much as I can do, then I  leave the rest of the manufacturing process to cooperatives. 




Ms. Ray Couture
Ms. Ray Couture


AFWNY.com: What makes your brand luxurious?

Anthonia Raymond: I keep my designs simple, memorable, and classy.



AFWNY.com: Where are you from? How has this influenced your designs?

Anthonia Raymond: I was born in Nigeria and raised in Holland.  African prints have always been a part of my every day culture.  They quickly became my favorite, especially seeing elderly women with their traditional attires. Then, growing up in Europe, I got to learn about Western fashion, so I decided to combine both into one. 



Ms. Ray Couture
Ms. Ray Couture


You can purchase Ms. Ray Couture Fashions here: http://www.ms-ray.com/

Follow Ms. Ray Couture on Twitter @: Mzray89

Ms. Ray Couture Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyAfricaforyouMs.Ray



by Omoefe Ajueyitsi



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