African Designers Give a Twist to the "Little Black Dress"

So, you’ve finally got your hair and makeup done. You have scrambled through your closet for hours and still have no idea what to wear? When everything seems to be the end of your night,there’s always that one faithful back-up that never fails: the little black dress.

We thought we would share with you a few of our favorite alternatives to the “little black dress” from designers who showcased at Africa Fashion Week New York 2012. We promise these gems won’t disappoint you…in fact, they will enlighten you!

1. With This Nasty Gal inspired dress, you can pair your favorite black, tan, or even red heels along with a statement accessory. (Designer: Farai Simoyi)

2. Pair this stunning sequin dress with a simple pair of black kitten heels, and a cute clutch. (Designer: Korto Momolu)

3. Not in the mood for wearing a dress? That’s fine! Pair your staple black sequin top with a contrasting bold-printed bottom. (Designer: Korto Momolu)

4. Pair this embellished shirt with a simple pair of leggings and rock it with a cute pair of flats. (Designer: Farai Simoyi)

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