11 African Fashion, Beauty, & Lifestyle Social Media Campaigns You Should Join


Adiree campaigns; the crucial, primary, and essential components of our social media platforms.  They are what link us to you and they also give you a sense of what goes on within the company.  Whether you’re a stylist, a blogger, a designer, or an artist there is a campaign for your voice!

Get to know these campaigns and feel free to follow and/or participate in those that catch your eye.  Enjoy!

1. #WaxprintWednesday (Founded by @Adiree Feb. 11 2014) | Show us your favorite Wax print!


This is what we’ve ALL been waiting for!  As African fashionistas, we are prone to have piles of printed material laying around in the house.  Now is the time to put them to use!  Show them off and discuss design possibilities with other fashion mavens online.


2. #IllustrationTribe | From Our Runways to Your Canvas.  Get Inspired by African Fashion Designers and Join Our Illustration Tribe.  


Calling all visual artists!  The #IllustrationTribe is a series every week that features the art work of talented creatives.  Their work is centered on the designs they see from the AFWNY runway.  If you love to create fashion illustrations, we would love for you to join the tribe.


3. #AdireeReport | Our Business and Trend Analysis on Africa’s Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Industries.


#AdireeReport is a concise gist of what goes on in the domain of Africa’s Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle industries ; The Adiree Report covers everything from flagship store openings to global opportunities for African fashion designers.  We analyze the stories that we cover then tell you what it means for the affected market.


4. #AdireeTips | A Drop of Our Leadership Thoughts


This campaign is a weekly dish of tips, advice, and insight from #TeamAdiree .  Feel free to request topics for discussion by sending them to social@adiree.com.


5. #InsideAdiree | Get Closer to Our Team Our Work


Curious about what’s going on behind doors? Just tune in to #InsideAdiree !  It’s where we share new developments, accomplishments, and dates for special events like AFWNY.  #InsideAdiree allows you to be with us every step we take.


6. #AdireeInTheNews | What They Say About Us
We are absolutely humbled by the words we hear when the company name is mentioned here and there; but what do global media leaders REALLY think about us? Find out when we’re in the news and why by tuning into this campaign.
7. #AskAdiree | Where You Ask and We Answer! Send Questions to social@adiree.com
#AskAdiree reveals our perspective on given topics that are pitched by people from magazines, online publications, our social networks, and other businesses.


8. #StyleMeGame (started with #StyleMeKorto in 2011) | Where We Upload Fashion and You Style the “@(celebrity)”

Adiree styleme game on twitter by Adiree

This campaign has a fun goal;  where we post a designer’s image on Facebook or Twitter, and you style a celebrity, by mentioning  (@Celebrity Name) which celebrity would look phenomenal in our designs.   The Style Me Game gets people excited and buzzing on our social platforms. You never know. You may be the reason why one of our designer’s gets worn by Rihanna or Beyonce.


9. #QandAfrica | Question & Answer Interviews with Africa’s Emerging Brands and/or Those Inspired by Africa


Questions and Africa is one of our favorite campaigns because it allows a African creatives to reveal details about themselves and/or their brands.  We ask questions and they give us answers. Read AFWNY designer Mia Nisbet’s Q A: https://africafashionweek.com/newyork/2013/11/q-africa-mia-by-mia-nisbet/


10. #AfricasTopFive | Our Top Picks of Africa’s Creative Individuals 


Africa’s Top Five  is another love of ours as well.  Our content is diverse, intriguing, and fresh.  We identify industry trends and industry-related developments in Africa, from top designers in fashion weeks to media moguls in the Diaspora. Such content does not really get around the web and we are more than glad to change that. Take a peek at our Top 5 Magazines and pick your favorite!: https://africafashionweek.com/newyork/2013/12/africas-top-5-magazine-publications/


11. #AfricaStreetStyle | Show Your A.S.S (African.Street.Style)


Show Your African.Street.Style!

Show Your A.S.S is a stimulating series that encourages people from all over the world to send in photos of their best African street style(s). Every week, a winner is selected and their pictures are posted on our social platforms.  Do you have A.S.S?  Let us know!
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